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Friday, February 27, 2004  

A Lot Of Others Said It Better

I've ranted and raved, and cried joyfully along with happy people I've never met, and I've sent flowers, and cheered, and signed petitions, and sent letters, and I can't think of a way to say it better than it's been said by others already.

So here, and here, and here, and here.

The moral righteousness of these couples is not for you to judge. It's not the place of the government turn moral judgements into law when no one is being harmed in any way. No religious group or religious figure will need to change their beliefs. No one will be forced to marry a same-sex couple who doesn't want to do so (judges and other civil officiants can chose to marry couples, or not, it's not required). You don't even have to like gay people any more than you did before. And, I don't know about you, but my marriage is the same this week as it was two weeks ago.

"Using the institution of marriage to legislate bigotry won't strengthen it. Only opening it up to all loving couples can do that."
From a letter written by a friend, to President Bush.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004  

Day of Girly™

One of the benefits of having a severely underemployed husband is getting a massive income tax refund ($2,500!!!! Really!!). Most of this massive refund is going smack onto the pile o' credit card debt-- whoo-hoo.

However, I am using about $100 of the tax refund to pay for an official Day of Girly™, which will include a facial (I've never had a facial!! Whee!) and a massage (I've had one massage previously, and I need more of those. I felt almost stoned, I was so relaxed...). After the Orgy of Spa-ness, I shall take myself to lunch, wherever I want, and order whatever I want to eat. Then I shall go home, and, I don't know, shave my legs or something.

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Monday, February 23, 2004  


I'm glad T.H. is involved in the planning for the April Wedding Bash-- I really, really, am. And I'm glad that he's the kind of guy who cares what he looks like, and doesn't just say "Just rent me a tux", because that's boring, and it doesn't really go with what we're doing, and I hate tuxes.

But for heaven's sake! It took me under two hours of store time to buy 2 (two!) wedding dresses, shoes, and accessories. I bought a vintage dress that I later decided not to wear, then bought a taupe bridesmaid’s dress. It took under an hour of store time for each dress. I found some sparkly hairpins this weekend, a rhinestone choker on eBay, and a pair of sandals on clearance at Sears. All of these things cost under $300, and took less than two hours of combined shopping time to purchase.

We spent from about 4-8pm Saturday and 1-5pm Sunday, looking at and trying on suits for T.H. And we’re not done yet—we have to go back today, because he’s not sure which of the three he’s got on hold he wants. Plus, his outfit is probably going to cost more than mine. Suits are absurdly expensive. I guess I wasn’t making an educated guess before, but apparently, if you’re looking at buying a suit, you should count on spending $200-500 for a decent one (not a really nice one—those cost $500-1,500, and are out of the budget). Oh, and getting a decent one for $200 requires finding a really good sale. Who knew men’s clothes were so difficult?

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