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Friday, February 20, 2004  

Love from me to you

Okay, I'm sorry, but I'm excited & happy for all of
these people, and I want everyone to feel loved on
their wedding day. I think it's aggravated as a tragic
side effect of having only six weeks or so until the
April Wedding Bash.

Send flowers to a couple waiting in line to get
married in San Fransisco! You can call any of these
florists and request that they deliver to a couple in
line, and they'll take your order and tell you all
about how happy everyone is. It made my day!

-- Flowers on the Bay at 888-217-9119
-- FTD through your local florist, can also work
-- My Flower Shop at 800-883-1185
-- Mariner & Co at 800-797-7744 (who I called, $50 for
a mixed bouquet)

If you can't or don't want to pay for an entire
bouquet plus tax & delivery, go to this page. Darrenbarefoot is collecting money & having volunteers in the SF
area do to the flower markets and deliver bouquets
without the delivery charges florists add on. You can
donate $1 or $100 to help make someone's day even more

Links to many happy people getting married (if
you are a sucker like me, oh, will you cry, so be
warned. I totally cried.)

I do, in fact, have another post swimming around, but it's big & complicated, and it may take a bit for me to get it out in a format I am ready to share...

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