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Wednesday, January 28, 2004  

Shameless Bid For Compliments

T.H. and I, having determined that:
a) living in the blah-white-walled apartment was lame and lacking in style
b) we're not going to move for a while (our rent is absurdly cheap-- a mortgage, even with the tax savings, would be more expensive)

decided to paint our apartment. We started with the bathroom, which required:
1 coat of primer
2 coats of dark pink on the cieling
3 coats of red on the walls
plus touching-up, and painting the cabinet, which I haven't done yet. It was a loooong process, since, on average, one coat on the bathroom walls took 4 hours, with all the corners and heaters and painting around the toilet.

But now, at last, our bathroom is a glorious deep red, with paint curing at glacial speed, because it's in the bathroom being perpetually moistened, and I want some people to say "Wow! That looks great!", so I feel better about having slaved away on this project for a week.

Therefore, before:

And after:

Incidentally, the Catholic decor in the bathroom is a sort of outgrowth of the our tiki-style decor in the living room/kitchen. We're appropriating Polynesian pop in those rooms, so we're appropriating Orientalist pop in the bedroom (for that slutry harem effect!), and Catholic in the bathroom. The explanation is not intended to start a religious discussion-- it's just so you know why there's a gold Jesus on the back of the toilet.

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