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Thursday, January 15, 2004  


Thankfully, the bathroom is painted (though the towel bars and décor and curtains need to go back up, and the light fixtures and cabinet still need attention). Thankfully, I have (at least for the moment) a strong leaning towards becoming a teacher. Thankfully, my husband has not requested a divorce, even though I have been consistently and fiercely grumpy for over a week.

We are starting a several-week dance class this evening, so that we may attempt to not look like uncoordinated @sses while dancing at the April Wedding Bash. Happily, we are going out to dinner after dance class—it’ll be like a date! And I will try very hard not to get testy and snappish during the class (this is a hazard, discovered at a few previous community dance classes).

(New Year’s Resolution? New Year’s Direction?)
I read some surprisingly simple, but refreshingly good advice recently, on a website that I found by following a series of links, and, consequently, I have no idea how to find it again. I inflicted it on another blogger already today, but I shall restate it here, for my own benefit.

To paraphrase:
“Treat your significant other as you would like to be treated (in a relationship)”

I need to become better at remembering to do this. I am sure it would make my life a better place to be, since I had already established that sniping ill-temperedly at your loved one produces undesirable results, and a strained atmosphere, which is not good for the home, makes the cat jumpy, and will give you a bad complexion.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  


T.H. just informed me that, in actual fact, The Roommate:

a) went to bed at 8:16pm
b) had informed T.H. a few days earlier that he had an interview for a promotion at work this morning (he just didn't tell me)
c) has been waxing enthusiastic about how great the bathroom looks

so apparently, I'm just not very nice. Darn.

I keep thinking that Righteousness is with me, and it keeps turning out that its actually Petulance with a holographic sweater of Apparent (But Illusory) Righteousness.

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Painting Makes Me Angry (or it could be lack of sleep)

Well, I would have finished the painting last night, but at about 6pm, as I was slaving away, The Roommate came and tapped on the door. I said, “yes?”, thinking, reasonably, that he needed to use the bathroom or something. However, what he said is “Are you painting? Because I really need you to stop painting by 8 tonight…I’m not sleeping very well, because of the painting, so I really need to have you stop by 8.”


No doubt, my extreme tiredness contributed to my fury at this announcement. I managed to bite back the ill-tempered responses and say “I should be done by then” without screaming, but I wanted to say is:

“Oh, I’m sorry I’m keeping you up—I’ve been sleeping just fine. Oh, wait, wait. I haven’t been sleeping—I’ve been painting until midnight. I’ve been in here working my fingers to the bone in order to get this work done as quickly as possible so that we can all have a nice, painted, reassembled bathroom as soon as humanly possible. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that my efforts to improve our communal living space with a great deal of personal effort and expense was inconveniencing you. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind in the future.”

Or, alternatively:

“F#ck you, you inconsiderate @sshole! I’ll be finished when I’m finished!”

Now, I know that The Roommate needs to be at work early—he has to report in by 7am. However, however badly he’s been sleeping, he’s still been getting to bed a lot earlier than I have, and I work at 8:30am, so I think he’s coming out ahead. In addition, he’s getting a much-improved, shiny-new-painted bathroom, requiring no effort on his part. And he knew ahead of time that we were painting the bathroom.

I may be being unreasonable, but this is one of the reasons I shall be truly glad once we can afford to shoot him out into the wide world on his own, so that he may find someone else to share rent with and we can live alone, with no outside spectators. T.H. has his moments, but at least he knows better than to complain at me for keeping him up if I’m keeping him up by doing housework that he’s dodging.

Plus, after all this crud (and I did stop at 8pm, although I was not done) he stayed rather obviously awake, blasting angry 80s punkish rock until after 9.

I could probably have gotten finished in that extra hour.


(when I’m done I’ll put up some before & after pictures, in a shameless bid for compliments on my hard work—because the praise of a sole husband, bound by law to say things like “It looks great honey!”, just isn’t enough for what will probably be 4 days of work and 5 total coats of paint.)

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Monday, January 12, 2004  

The Future Lovely Red Bathroom

I spent the whole day yesterday priming the bathroom and painting the ceiling, and I'll be heading home early today to start on the walls. The bathroom is a total disaster currently, but I'm sure that it will look spectacular when it's finished. The only downside (besides the obvious horrfic-ness of painting) is that the pretty new paint makes the gross rusty light fixtures and baseboard heater look even more awful than they did before. I'll be buying some sandpaper and Rustoleum to deal with that every soon.

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