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Tuesday, December 09, 2003  

Insert Cliche Here

I have this horrible, sneaking suspicion that I'm getting a smidge unreasonable about the wedding/reception. I would really really like to have the event on March 6th, because, conveniently, March 6th is a Saturday, and it's also our (legal) anniversary, and, when we did the courthouse-wedding last year, we told all of our friends and family that we'd have the "big wedding" in about a year, so there's all kinds of pleasing symmetry.

T.H. would prefer to push it out a month or so (really, he'd prefer to wait until September, but I said no). I can probably live pushing out a month if there is a good, firm reason to do so, but I really would prefer not to. Herein lies the difficulty. T.H.'s best man, a childhood friend who lives in Germany with his wife, can come whenever we would like him to come. However, his wife cannot come in March. She may be able to come in late April. Maybe--we're not sure.

We've met the wife--she's a dear, and we stayed with them when we were in Germany, and we like her a lot. T.H. was the best man in their wedding--which, incidentally, fell on a weekend which I was unavailable. (Whiny tit-for-tat bit--if they didn't reschedule their wedding for me, why should I reschedule for them?! Realistic answer--because they had a big-deal, major-event Catholic wedding and we're having a small, eclectic, pretty casual event that's supposed to be a fun celebration.)

I'm torn. If I knew for certain that the wife would be come in April, then I'd reschedule. But I'm feeling put out about rescheduling for a maybe.

I'm afraid that this is the first major indicator of a terrible onset of I-Want-It-The-Way-I-Want-It Disease.

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Monday, December 08, 2003  


We had to replace the hard drive in our computer Sunday, after several days of fruitless attempts to salvage the drive without destroying all the data.


We got a pretty good deal on a new hard drive, which is twice the size of the one that crapped out.


We're kind of broke-- well, actually, really broke-- until my next paycheck (in two weeks).


Part of the reason we're broke is the money we spent Saturday. We went vintage shopping, and I found four glorious dresses that fit me for $24-45 each, including a 50s-60s wedding dress, and a gorgeous coat for $24! Then we went to Borders and did some Christmas shopping, and went to dinner and a movie. It was a wonderful afternoon, and it was totally worth being pretty darn broke for two weeks.

I think, overall, though we are broke, we're coming out ahead.

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