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Friday, November 28, 2003  


So yesterday we had 8 people at out house, and provided:

A loaf of Pumpkin bread (brought by my friend C)
24 Scratch-baked rolls (which were okay, but a huge, huge pain to make, and not, in my opinion, worth the effort. I’d never made scratch rolls before, and I don’t think I’ll do so again—too much work for rolls that are just pretty good.)
A bowl of Bean salad (brought by my friend C)
A big bowl of Marinated vegetable salad
Quorn Roast
A platter full of Turkey (brought by my friend C)
A big pan of Sweet potatoes (a new recipe, cooked with olive oil and lots of garlic—pretty darn good!)
A casserole dish of Stuffing
Broccoli and cauliflower
2 cans of Cranberry sauce
About 12 lbs of Mashed potatoes
A big pot of Gravy
2 Pumpkin pies with freshly-whipped cream
2 Peanut butter pies

plus lots and lots of beverages—Chai, tea, coffee, sparking juice, wine, soda…

The fridge is stuffed with leftovers. We have 2 whole pies that are completely untouched, over a dozen rolls, a bunch of salad and sweet potatoes, and at least 5 lbs of mashed potatoes left. I have no idea what to do with it all.

At least I won’t have to worry about making lunch for work for a while…

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003  

On the plus side

I'm sure it's a little dippy, but I'm absolutely jittery with excitement because it looks like we're going to be able to get custom tiki mugs to give guests as keepsakes!

And, as an added bonus, there's a local photographer who's trying to build their portfolio who'll do the pictures at cost—and the photos on the portfolio web site are quite nice! And, when warned that this was not your standard big-white-dress wedding, the photographer said “Your post wedding party sounds like a lot of fun. The whole 50s-60s-exotica-tiki-cocktail-party sounds really cool. That creates opportunities for unique images,” which is exactly the kind of photographer you want at your wedding.

If this all comes together (and it’s sure looking like it will) then I am totally the Queen of Last-Second (Post) Wedding Cool.

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This week

Augh wedding in 3 months what do you mean you need 4 months lead time for that dress how much for the catering how many people how much does that cost you want dancing where can we fit a dance floor how much will it be to get that arrangement how much is the photographer when can I get that done could you please call me back right away and let me know if this is possible?

Ohmigod Thanksgiving seven people what am I making what kind of rolls do I have enough potatoes what about the gravy what kind of salad how many pies what did forget oh I forgot to get extra coffee how much for all those groceries oh my god I need to go to the store again are you going to clean the bathroom because I have to make some pies?

Blah what’s wrong with that and you need it when but I thought that problem was taken care of you mean we have to get that air freighted I can’t believe this client isn’t making more of a fuss what am I supposed to tell the client and what do you mean you’re pushing the timeline on this again it has to be working by this date no I can’t push it they’re paying for this date okay well we’re just going to have to eat that expense maybe you should have built the thing so that it worked in the first place?

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