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Friday, November 21, 2003  


I need to stop buying beverages for Thanksgiving dinner next week.

Right now, in addition to the standard “Water-Coffee-Chocolate Silk-and chose from any one of the three million kinds of tea we have available for brewing” we have:

1 bottle of wine that someone gave us at some point, but it hasn’t been opened so it should be okay

2 bottles of non-alcoholic cider leftover from last Thanksgiving (or possibly Christmas), also never opened and should be okay

1 2-liter of Coke (came with the pizza last night, and will probably be saved for next week, but we’ll have to see. We so rarely have soda at home that it’s kind of hypnotizing to contemplate drinking the whole 2-liter with dinner tonight, just to see what happens.)

1 container of Chai Nog concentrate

1 container of Chai Cider concentrate

1 container of Cocoa Chai concentrate

At least 6 containers of Ultra Soy Plain, to mix with the various Chai concoctions

2 more bottles of carbonated juice (in Wild Oats the other night, I saw that they were on sale, and thought “Oh! Lemonade! and Raspberry! I should buy those, so we have extra beverages, because what if no one likes the stuff we already have ?”)

And last night I had to restrain myself from running out to buy regular Chai, because what if no one likes all the weird specialty Chais I bought?! Or maybe Green Tea Chai. Except I hate green tea. And we have at least four varieties of regular green tea.

There is no one I can blame for this kind of hostess mania. My mother does not do this, yet, here I am, contemplating buying more and more beverages, just in case, and thinking that perhaps the 12 pounds of potatoes I have to mash might not be sufficient.

Perhaps I should be restrained.

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Is it still a “wedding” if it’s our anniversary?

Good news! A friend of ours has my dress, having (thoughtfully) taken it home from the haunt but (absentmindedly) forgotten to tell us! Whew.

Now that we are pretty officially dual-income (true, T.H. has not yet received any actual pay from his employer, but I’m sure that’s coming along here soon), I’ve seized the opportunity to start over-planning (and slightly freaking out over) the Wedding/Reception that we promised everyone we’d have “later”.

Last March, we just ran down to the courthouse and got hitched. No family, just witnesses, boom, married, done. Our wedding ceremony was approximately 2 minutes long. Easy. However, we promised everyone that we’d have a “real” wedding later on—although it’s not a church wedding or anything like that, it’s just a ceremony/reception that’s roomy enough that all the family members who want to be there can be there.

So I’ve been looking at locations and thinking of themes that might be nice, since it’s definitely not going to be a big-white-dress wedding. I’m considering a slightly-exotic 50-60s-esque-cocktail-party-sort-of-thing—T.H. would really like something more tiki, but I have grave doubts about pulling that off in Oregon in March. Exotica-cocktail-party seems more winter-friendly to me, and would allow me to wear a much cooler dress. Something like this, perhaps? Or maybe the full skirt with this top? And perhaps a wrap? I could get it all in #75 Bordeaux-- it would be lovely…

I may have even found the perfect locale… a local catering chain-cum-restaurant recently opened up a private event space near us, and it’s incredibly cheap. Of course, the catering will be rather pricey, but as I was considering having them cater anyhow, it’s not really a problem.

I must say, I am glad not to be planning a “normal” wedding… this one is, I am sure, going to be more than enough work for me to deal with, on top of grad school prep and (hopefully) interning…

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003  

Of course...

The one thing that I wanted the least to misplace at the haunt is the one thing we can't find now.

My wonderful dress, which I suppose I should have known better than to leave unsupervised, seems to be missing. I hope it's just misplaced and not lost-- while it is just a dress, it's one that I really don't want to lose.

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