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Thursday, September 04, 2003  

Oh I hate sales calls, yes I do!

And I hope that the whole grad school thing works out so that I can get a job in which I never never have to make sales calls ever again! Because it totally ruins my day to have to make sales calls!

T.H. is hoping to get a call about a part time paid internship-type position in the area, which sounds just perfect for him. The pay would be about what he’d make at a joe job, and he’d get professional, design-firm experience, and he wouldn’t annoy anyone by leaving in a year-ish, which he will be doing if I do indeed get into a grad program somewhere. Plus he could keep some of his (good) freelance clients if he’s working part time!

(please, anyone who’s taking requests at this time, I would like to humbly beg that this works out, as I am sick of being broke, and would also like to have my spouse be reasonably-employable by the time I start the very very expensive higher education program which I am contemplating, thankyouverymuch. Also, I would like to request that I get into grad school, and get an assistantship, so that we do not in fact have to sell our first-born child into slavery in order to pay off our student loans…)

Also, I am play-testing a game for an online acquaintance, and I’d rather be doing that than making sales calls, even though it will require me to wipe and reformat the drive on our old computer to play it, since T.H. won’t let me use our regular computer just because he’s working (tscha! As if he’s not doing that all the time!). We donated the old computer to T.H.’s younger brother a couple of years ago, and recently borrowed it back so that I could recover some old college papers, which I anticipate needing for grad school application packets.

T.H.’s brother apparently is very very concerned that some evil, sneaky, nasty program crept onto the computer while he was not looking, and installed something that may or may not be p0rn0gr@phic, because he was not looking at p0rn online, No! No! He was not comforted by T.H.’s insistence that, although his mother might care, we don’t care if he’s looking at p0rn online—really, given that he’s 17, he probably ought to be, anyway. In fact, I think T.H. was sworn to secrecy, and told me so I’d know not to razz the kid if I happened to find anything p0rn-like on the computer. The upshot is that we agreed to reformat the hard drive after we pulled off what we wanted, to eradicate the p0rn that he was not looking at, because he’s afraid it will take over his computer and send him to hell, or something like that.

Which is precisely why living on an isolated island with parents who both have rather unhealthy sexual attitudes is bad for budding psyches—it’s a wonder that T.H. is not more screwy than he is. Although, I guess T.H.’s father (different than The Brother’s father) is not massively screwy about s#x, and, in fact, gave T.H. a copy of Madonna’s S#x book for his 21st (I think) birthday. Not the act of an unhealthily-repressive parental figure, I would say.





I guess I should get back to those calls, now.


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