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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

Long and Varied Mid-week Update

I was up for the weekend, and then back down yesterday, and today I am in the middle.

We decided not to get a dog until November, after Halloween, since we’ll be pretty busy on the weekends until after the Museum of Horrors finishes up. I feel terrible about not adopting one (or both!) of the dogs we met over the weekend—both big (70-80 lbs!) and mellow and sweet, and they totally wanted to come home with us, and not go back to the shelter. (Not that this is any reflection on the shelter—the people there are all very nice, loving people, but, still, wouldn’t you rather have a home and a family too?) But we’re going to be too busy for a new family member right away, and there will still be dogs that need homes in November…

T.H. and I are going on a date tonight. I (rather foolishly) spent some waiting-room time reading a women’s magazine (I think it was the Ladies Home Journal or something), in which I read an article about a couple in their late 20s/early 30s who’d lived together for years and then gotten married, who were having problems adjusting to the change/no change effect of marriage on their relationship. To aggravate the parallel-potential, the wife was a more linear, more aggressive woman, who wanted things her way, and the husband was a quiet, non-confrontational type, who didn’t express his feelings clearly. So the couple ended up doing a lot of things her way, because the husband wouldn’t speak up. Sound familiar? I, of course, got all worked up and worried, becoming convinced that I was steamrollering T.H. in favor of my own needs because he won’t speak up, and managed to actually be in tears by the time I got home from the doctor’s office. Not surprisingly, however, T.H. didn’t think it was anywhere near that bad, but maybe he should try to speak up more often. And we decided to implement one of the counselor’s suggestions for the couple in the article—going on “dates” that are planned by each partner in turn. That, theoretically, allows each person to choose what they’re doing together, and insures that each one gets to, for example, go to their favorite restaurant even if it’s not their partner’s first choice. I decided this was a good idea because

a) T.H. never plans anything we do (usually it’s not really planned at all, which leads to an excessive amount of “I don’t know…where do you want to go for dinner?” discussions)
b) We go do what I want to do waaayy too much (a trend seriously aggravated by the “if I’m buying, we’re getting what I want for dinner” syndrome, which is sometimes justifiable, but gets carried to extreme in our household)

So tonight is the first night, and T.H. is planning something—I don’t know what, but I’m pretty sure it involves dinner, and possibly a movie, so yay!

Why My Husband Is Super!

(Email conversation)

T.H.: Just to follow up - I had to share this with you.

First - the image of the Escape Pod C3P0 version that
I'm so stupidly exited about is here.

Second - and you're going to laugh because I'm
seriously all misty about this and uncontrollably
breaking into smiles about it - in 8-12 months there
is a very real possibility that the big H will be
making a SANDCRAWLER!!!!

Me: Boy, that *is* pretty cool! The snow-monster-guy (I forget his name) is too! And wow! Sandcrawler! (Won't it have to be like 2 feet long or something?)

T.H.: Well, if they did it right it would be at least as big
as our car, and really - more like a van. So hopefully
it will be at LEAST 2 feet. Have to see:)

The Wampa actually does look really good, and further,
the base that he comes with interlocks with a really
well done version of Luke Hoth that comes out at
around the same time so you get a little diorama!

But I made my choice - I'm a Tatooine man:)

Me: Well, clearly Tatooine is the best, because
a) the cantina! Clearly one of the coolest things ever!
b) you meet Han there! Han!!! A million cool points immediately awarded!
c) Han shoots Greedo there!
d) Jaba's palace!
e) The Rancor!
f) The Sarlac pit!
g) you can live in a neat underground courtyard!
h) always sunny! (2 suns! Or was it 3?)

I mean, obviously.

T.H.: Well - I'm not sure I'd give the Sarlac high rating -
but you left out Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Banthas,
Sandcrawlers and Dewbacks!

Me: You're right, I did!
The Sarlac has cool-factor—what a great threat! —not, you know, that I'd want to go live in it, or have one next to my house.

I totally want a Bantha. Ooh, oh, and those big long-necked guys that the Jawas ride! I want one of those too! I'd be a moisture farmer!

T.H.: The long necked things are Rontos.
And yeah—as a threat—the Sarlac is pretty cool.
I mean hell—It took down Boba Fett:)

Me: No, no—Boba Fett carved his way out later, and is still running around being his bad self.
Go Mandalorian armor!

It may be nerdy, but I must say, how can you not love a guy you can talk to seriously about these kinds of important things? And, as an added bonus, he says things like “You know, if there was a zombie plague, our apartment is pretty defensible. Plus there are those storage cages in the basement! You could trap a zombie in there!”

I am a lucky, lucky girl.

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