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Friday, August 01, 2003  


T.H. has pretty much decided that he will not be re-applying for the Maryland job. Whew!

We are just starting to work on our annual Halloween project. We volunteer at a haunted attraction that’s run by a bunch of un-and-under-employed designers and artists. Due to the artisitic caliber (and twisted humor) of the participants, this particular attraction is (in my opinion) vastly superior to most other haunted houses, where the Big Scare is a 14-year-old in a mask popping up and screaming in your face. T.H. is enjoying himself tremendously, and he doesn’t want to leave this group. In addition, he’s hoping that the experience and referrals he’ll get out of the deal will help him with the job search, which is perfectly reasonable. And he said he’s willing to run the risk of having to go work in a bookstore or a coffee shop if he spends all his free time doing haunted-tasks, so it’s all good. I really don’t care what he does, as long as he’s okay with it and our household income becomes reliable.

Plus, as an extra added bonus, we’re going to go look at some adoptable dogs tomorrow! Yay! One of the local shelters has a couple of older dogs that they think will work in our circumstances, and T.H. has agreed to check ‘em out! I suspect they’re going to be a little bigger than I’m certain we can handle right now, but I’m excited we’re going to be looking!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003  


The company that that T.H. interviewed at has posted a “Still Hiring” for the postition T.H. was not offered. I don't know how to feel about this. It could be that the person they hired didn't work out, it could be another position—we were told that they would be hiring 1-3 web business assistants. T.H. doesn’t know if he’s going to apply again or not, and I don’t know if I want him to. I just don’t know at all. I do wish that someone from the company would call him and encourage him to re-apply, because I think it would make him feel much better about things, whether he re-applies or not.

I am utterly conflicted about this situation. I’m having trouble refraining from bitterness already, since we did everything right once already, to no avail. I guess we’ll just see what happens…

I still want a dog. I emailed about a senior miniature pinscher, but she has needs we can’t meet right now. On the plus side, the lady did encourage me to continue looking at senior dogs, because the do need less training and active attention, and would therefore be good for our circumstances. I just want some doggy kisses, and a senior dog can give me kisses just as well as a young dog, so it’s all good for me! T.H. is apprehensive, but I am hoping that the relatively low needs of a senior dog and the love & kisses will win him over after a while.

My back has been bothering me for more than a week now. This is rotten, especially since I, after some urging from T.H., went to the doctor, and was told (essentially) “eh, it happens. It’ll probably get better in 4-6 weeks. Take some Advil.” Apparently, the medical profession (or perhaps just the practitioner that I saw) does not feel that constant discomfort for no discernable reason is any big deal. T.H. was fairly ticked at the lacksidaisical attitude of my doctor (Quote: “If you’re in pain, something’s not right! What do you mean, she said ‘Take Advil’?!”)

I wasn’t expecting much, but the total lack of concern will compel me to seek a new primary care doctor soon. And I am fairly sure that the issues are caused—or at least seriously aggravated—by stress, anxiety, and depression about the rocky life-transition we’re slogging through currently, and I can get assistance with that, which I’m doing. Back to the mental health counselor for me! I have an appointment in two weeks, and I’ll do my best not to stigmatize myself this time. I’m confident that this whole thing can be negotiated well and successfully, but I have a history of not maintaining perspective very well, and having an uninvolved third party to check in with cannot possibly hurt anything.

So I guess all this counts as progress… just the slow and usual real-life kind rather than the sudden, large, movie-variety that I was pulling for. *sigh*

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