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Monday, May 05, 2003  

Bad Bad Bad

One of the many fun things about my own personal flavor of depression, is that it frequently makes me really short tempered and unreasonable, in addition to tired all the time and prone to spontaneous burst of sobbing. Which means that I pick fights about senseless things, and then go into sobbing hysterics because The Husband is annoyed with me for picking a stupid fight.

Half the time there’s even a little voice in my head saying “Why are you being so unreasonable about this? Stop now, you’re clearly irrational!” and that voice just makes me more angry, or more remorseful, depending on the point of the argument I’m at.

Why did he marry me? Why? Why?! I should obviously be dropped into a well and left to die, not encouraged to think that I can be functional, and this whole pretending-to-be-a-real-grownup-person has misled me into thinking I can do this, when, clearly, I can’t at all.

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