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Thursday, December 26, 2002  

Merry Merry Christmas

Who-hoo! My boyfriend’s big Christmas present came in on Friday. The terrific lady who owns Home Ec in Portland (you should shop there!) called me at 4:50pm on Friday. I rushed over and picked up a Shag (limited edition!) Moatu Decanter set, which the wonderful wonderful Home Ec lady sold me for the approximate suggested retail price, even though she knew perfectly well that the decanter sets are eBaying for more than double that price. Yay!!!!

I now love the Home Ec lady, and vow to always shop her store first. I think I’ll take her a Christmas card and some cookies. I have about a million Christmas cookies left, and she totally deserves it.

We had seven people for Christmas dinner yesterday, and I made enough food for about 30. Ten pounds of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey (fake—we’re vegetarian), rolls, salad, a lasagna, stuffing, two pumpkin pies, a peanut-butter pie, and something like two dozen oatmeal cookies with Christmas M&Ms. The fridge is stuffed with leftovers.

Presents went great—my boyfriend is wildly spoiled, and so am I. His mom was happy with all her swag, and Jay (his 16-year-old brother) liked his presents in spite of himself.

I always forget how thrilling it is to have a teenager around in between visits. Jay spent the two days before Christmas sullenly insisting that he didn’t want any presents, and moaning in martyred tones that he wasn’t feeling well when everyone else wanted to Christmas shop, and then miraculously recovering his health when he got within 100 yards of the X-Box. He also bothered my poor kitty incessantly (when he wasn’t playing Halo). And he has a “trick knee” that pains him horribly whenever he is sadistically forced to walk anywhere he doesn’t want to go. I wish I’d thought of that when I was sixteen. I was only sullen and melodramatic—I didn’t come up with spontaneous life-threatening illnesses and mysterious “war wounds”. Ahhh, sixteen.

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