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Friday, December 13, 2002  

Only a half hour to go!

I’ve been shamelessly wasting my time at work this morning, playing around with April's site, looking for Easter Eggs. I told my co-workers that I was goofing off this morning, because I’m leaving early today anyhow.
My boyfriend and I are going northward to:

Drive up to Seattle and peruse the Roq la Rue Gallery’s sure-to-be-splendid Gods and Monsters holiday show, featuring the work of many hipster artists we cannot afford to buy. Like Mark Ryden and Shag, along with some other snazzy people. (my boyfriend was lamenting again last night that we did not buy the print of Shag’s “The Sepik Explorer” when the Gallery Bink had it last year for only $150. It’s now eBaying for several hundred dollars… Ah, well. Last year $150 would have been a major hardship. I’ve simply vowed to try and support up-and-coming hipster artists and not regret past opportunities-lost. Plus, if we had purchased it, he would never ever sell it. He’s mostly upset because he really loves the print, I think. So, you know, if anyone really wants to make my boyfriend’s day, just drop by eBay and pick it up for him… I already spent at least double the amount on his Christmas presents that I was supposed to…)

See my sister who still lives in Bellingham, and give her Christmas gifts.

Visit my boyfriend’s sometimes-unpleasant grandmother in her new (and hopefully at least marginally better than the last one) nursing home. She will probably tell us about someone else who just had a baby. This woman hints with a sledgehammer, and she started doing it when we had only been dating for a month or so.

Play games with my boyfriend’s mother & brother & family friends. The family friends we haven’t seen for a while, but his mom & brother are arriving on the 23rd to spend Christmas at our apartment, so this seems possibly-redundant to me. (But that’s probably because I don’t really like sleeping at his mom’s house.)

Have brunch with some of our Seattle friends. These are mostly college friends who graduated before we did and chose to move to Seattle and get on with being adults. (We, on the other hand, puttered around for a few more years in college, and then moved to Portland to hang out with the arty kids who are all (except lucky lucky me who found a job doing pretty much what I wanted to do!) working to support their art/music/film projects, in jobs that were specifically chosen to counteract the tendency to settle for a job that has a “future” or a “career path” that you hate, but you must keep because you have a car payment.) These are all wonderful people, but they are all gradually becoming difficult to excite about creative projects. They tend to be excited about great mortgage rates—“We could buy a 200,000 square foot house in Mount Vernon at these prices!” And we’re like, “Yeah, or you could buy the equipment & software to produce independent films!”

Visit my other sister (and her new house!) in Tacoma, and drop off her Christmas gifts and the swag for my parents, since they will be in Tacoma on Christmas Day proper, and we will be at home in Portland with my boyfriend’s mom and brother.

Have coffee with a friend from college that I haven’t seen in 6 or 7 years. She’s never even met my boyfriend. It’ll be interesting, I think in a good way.

Finish our Christmas shopping, hopefully.

We will be busy. But it’ll be a fun weekend.


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Wednesday, December 11, 2002  

One of the best sex scenes, and other news

I was reading up on some other people’s blogs, and followed various links to Nerve Wracking, where I saw a listing of some of the author’s favorite things, including her pick for the best sex scene in a movie. My personal pick is (at this time) the sex scene from Enemy at the Gates, featuring the luscious Jude Law and extremely attractive Rachel Weisz. The scene actually contains next to no nudity, and is very short and quiet (it takes place in a room full of sleeping soldiers), but I think it does a wonderful job of capturing the intense, frightening, wonderful experience that sex can be, when it’s with the right person at the right time. Or, I guess, with the person that you want & need so badly that you just seize the time you have.

And, obviously, adding Jude Law to any sex scene can’t help but improve it dramatically. He’s just mind-meltingly lovely. Mmmmmm…Jude Law…

And, you know, the rest of the movie is great too. You should watch it, if you haven’t.

In other news:

Christmas plans and presents are continuing to progress. We got a Christmas tree this weekend. I spent, like, an hour or something, in the garage, trying to saw off a couple of inches from the bottom of the tree, like you’re supposed to do to improve the tree’s ability to absorb water. The fact that I finally managed to remove the last inch or so of trunk, after massive effort and probably-unsafe variations on traditional sawing techniques (like resting my entire body weight on the saw as I forced it back & forth through the wood), is clear and undisputable proof that I am perseverant (a virtue) as opposed to stubborn (a vice), no matter what misguided malarkey my boyfriend might attempt to boondoggle you with. It also indicates that our saw is a total piece of shit & should be replaced before I attempt any clever home improvement projects that might require wood-alteration. Tool acquisition & maintenance, as well as traditionally “manly” things like sawing and plumbing and hammering, are totally my job at our house. My boyfriend thinks up neat projects, and usually starts them, and then they remain 2-30% done for all eternity. I stay in the basement growling “if I do this long enough it has to work” until the project is finished.

I also took the cat to the vet last night for booster shots, which he did not like. However, he has forgiven me—he sat on my lap and purred for 20 minutes this morning while I should have been in the shower. The cat is now jumping out at you from behind the Christmas tree, and attacking whatever bit of you he can reach—usually your leg. But he’s not terribly frightening because he doesn’t use his claws when he “attacks”, so he's just batting at you with his furry-soft paws. I so love this cat.

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Monday, December 09, 2002  

Money Money Money

Partially due to possibly-frivolous decisions on my part—like getting a cat, like insisting that we have family to our place for Thanksgiving and Christmas—and partially due to necessary expenses—like getting my bike repaired, like getting new tires on the truck—I am not nearly as much out of debt as I am supposed to be at this point. I am at least $600 away from where I said I’d be, and I’m not done Christmas shopping yet.

However, I think that the reasonable thing to do is be relatively-frugal-but-not-stingy on the remaining Christmas gifts and just accept it. I know that I will be spending at least another $300, and probably most of that will be on the credit card that I am supposed to be paying off. But worrying about it will not decrease the amount of money that I will have to spend, since most of the expenses left are not optional. I will eventually recover financially, and I am in debt due to choices that I made. And I didn’t do anything horribly frivolous—it’s mostly small things like dinners, and the small-sized but rather expensive cat—but these things have improved my quality of life, and therefore are legitimate expenses.

It is unfortunate that I am stressing about money right before Christmas, but I shall endeavor to endure the horror and not have a breakdown, since there is really nothing I can do about it at this point…

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