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Friday, November 29, 2002  

I am so not working today (even though I’m technically at work)

Well, we had a pretty nice Thanksgiving. My mom & dad & sisters & my middle sister’s boyfriend showed up at noon, and my mom & I rushed around & got in each other’s way in the kitchen for a few hours, and then managed to put out enough food for about 30 people, even though there were only seven of us. And it was all good—even the rolls, which we should have started 3-5 hours ahead of time, because they’re the kind you have to let rise, but we didn’t read the package until an hour before dinner. But it was okay, we made it work.

My sister’s (German) boyfriend thought the whole thing was kind of funny, because, well, they don’t have Thanksgiving in Germany. But he enjoyed the food and was his usual extremely nice self. He and my sister are going to be visiting his family in Germany for Christmas. My sister will have a great time—she’s been to Germany twice before, and speaks fairly fluent German. She has always wanted to move there, so it works out very well for her that her (still fairly new) boyfriend is German. Plus he’s very tall, which Heather likes, because she’s 5’11”, and consequently has trouble finding guys that are taller than she is. I like her boyfriend too, because my sister is a very very nice person, who is extremely laid-back and kind and generous, and, as a result, has been regularly exploited by friends and boyfriends alike for most of her life, which pisses me off to no end. I want to punch them all, because no one should take advantage of my sister. Only terrible, terrible people exploit their sweet and generous friends, and those people deserve to be smacked. However, the good news is that this boyfriend has a similar temperament—he’s laid-back, sweet, generous, and is very nice to my sister. And he laughs at all my jokes. So I love him and think they should get married.

Anyway, dinner went well, and there was way too much food, which was good, because my boyfriend’s mother always makes way too much food and I’ve been battling to get up to the “as good as his mother” standard for years now. He never says anything, but I know there is a secret competition going on. Plus, this year his mother and brother are coming to our place for Christmas, so I needed a trail run. Our friend Chris was impressed—he said that we must finally have reached “adult” status if our respective families are coming here for major holidays. If so, I guess it’s about time—I am at the later end of my late-20s—I guess I should be able to at least pass as an adult occasionally by now. I think my youngest sister still has us beat, though. My parents are spending Christmas with her in her newly-purchased house.

After dinner, my family trouped over to my aunt & uncle’s house in Vancouver for dessert, and a bunch of our friends showed up at our apartment to have dessert with us. We had originally hoped to have our friends and my family at dinner, but the “orphans” Thanksgiving (for friends who were staying in Portland) was eventually shifted to another apartment. A few people weren’t entirely comfortable with having dinner with an unfamiliar family, and opted to go relative-free and have dinner in a friends-only setting. But we all got together for dessert, which was great. We had two kinds of pumpkin pie, a ginger-pear pie, vanilla ice cream, and peanut-butter pie. It was all decadently-delicous.

And, of course, everyone who had not yet met the new kitty ooohhed and aahhed and picked him up to pet him. Aleister was very good—he was manhandled by at least 10 new people, and the worst thing he did was look kind of frustrated. He didn’t scratch or bite anyone, and he was very mellow about having a ton of people goggle at him. He didn’t get in the way when we were making dinner, either, which was great. He’s a wonderful cat.

So it was all fun, and no one got into an argument or tried to kill anyone else (a’la Sarah’s No Shirt Cousins). I hope your Thanksgiving was nice too. And I hope that you have the day off today, or at least get to screw around all day, like I’m planning to do.

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Monday, November 25, 2002  

Kitty, Kitty

Got a cat Saturday.

I just snapped.

The Humane Society’s web page listed Siamese kittens available for adoption Friday, and I got all excited. You see, after the discussion of the whole pet issue, I talked it over with my boyfriend and our roommate, and we decided that we (well, primarily I) could get a cat. However, our roommate is allergic to some cats. He knows Siamese are OK, but we decided he would need to meet any other type of cat before it came home to live, because, well, he pays part of the rent, and therefore gets consideration over a kitty, who doesn’t. At least, he gets additional consideration until I get really attached to the kitty.

So, last Friday at work, I was surfing the Humane Society page and saw that they had Siamese kittens, and I just lost it. I got in touch with our landlord, verified that a cat would be OK, collected my boyfriend, and zoomed off to the shelter to discover (ta-da!) that all the Siamese kittens had been adopted! “They were really sweet too,” said the volunteer, as though that would make me feel better. Well, good. So not only did I miss out on the cute little Siamese kittens, but they were nice sweet ones instead of the occasional crazy Siamese that you get. I’m glad that I really missed out, instead of just kind of. The volunteer then showed us the three older Siamese that they had—“This one doesn’t like other animals”, “This one isn’t very affectionate”, and one that just looked utterly unimpressed by us. Ooooh. Just what I wanted.

However, we noticed a black-and-white older kitten, about 5 months old. My boyfriend liked him because, unlike most of the other cats, who just looked bored when we walked by, this cat stood up, made eye contact, and meowed. He was ready to be out of the cage and home with us, apparently. He interacted, the way dogs generally do. This is a good thing, as my major objection to cats is that they often don’t seem to care if you’re alive or dead, except when they want to be fed. And really, if you want a pet for companionship & affection, shouldn’t you look for one that gives a shit?

But we didn’t know if our roommate would be able to handle him, so we had to go home alone.

However, we were back at 10 am Saturday, with our roommate in tow, so that we could vet the house pet applicant. After about 20 minutes, it became apparent that our roommate was going to be just fine with the cat, so we went through the adoption process and brought him home.

He’s super. He’s a cuddly baby who talks if he wants something-- attention, food, whatever. He has a little cold, so he will occasionally sneeze on you, but he’s so cute it’s hard to mind. We named him Alistair. He’s probably going to be huge—he’s got long legs, and he’s pretty tall for 5 months. He uses his litter box already.

It’s terrible—I’ve fallen in love with a cat…

I’ll start posting photos of him next.

I am a total sucker.

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